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Last Updated: July 2nd 2018

Terms and Conditions Purchase

This is an agreement between you and MASQ-U. These Terms and Conditions of Purchase as well as the “Terms of Use” of the site owned by MASQ-U and MASQ-U’s “Privacy Policy” govern any order or purchase made through the site.

*Please carefully read the following terms as well as the Privacy Policy which can be found on the website. By agreeing to these terms as well as the Privacy Policy, you are agreeing to conjugate yourself to these terms as well as the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information and enter into a legally binding agreement with MASQ-U.

1. Acceptance of Orders

Your order will only be considered into acceptance if and when we send a confirmation of your order to the e-mail provided.

MASQ-U may limit the quantities available for purchase and reserve the right at any time to decline or correct a sale for any reason.

2. Shipping and Delivery

The delivery date of your purchase depends on the method of shipping you have chosen. The shipping process and all additional options that you may have regarding shipment, delivery method, carrier and estimated date/time of delivery are described during the purchase process. Although we reserve the right to use a substitute carrier for your purchase at any time if needed.

3. Methods of Payment

Various payments are available for making a purchase online including; Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal. By submitting your payment, you authorize MASQ-U to charge the applicable card for the complete amount of your total and you represent and warrant that you are the cardholder of this card. In the circumstance that your card is rejected by the card issuer, your order will not be accepted, and MASQ-U will not have any obligations to complete your order.

4. Refunds and Returns

The return/exchange or refund of any products bought through MASQ-U are subject to the MASQ-U return and exchange policy 

5. Errors

If we notice any issues with products, price, description and specifications, we will immediately correct the error on the site. If we make an error with your order, we may correct, cancel or edit it at any time (you will be able to approve or confirm any increase in price or shipping charges).

6. Disclaimer, Liability, Exclusions/Limitations on Liability and Indemnity

Apart from express, legal or implied warranties that may not be disclaimer or excused under applicable law, the products and services you purchase through the site are provided on an ‘as is’ and ‘as available’ basis without any representations, warranties or conditions of any kind.

MASQ-U is not liable for any indirect, incidental, consequential, special, punitive or exemplary loss or damage arising from connected with, or relating to the products or services you purchase including but not limited to, loss of data, business, markets, savings, income, profits, use, production, reputation or good will, anticipated or otherwise, or economic loss under any theory of liability (whether in contract, tort, civil liability, strict liability or any other theory or law or equity).

7. Privacy

MASQ-U collects, uses and discloses personal information in regards with its Privacy Policy. You can review it under ‘Privacy Policy’. By accepting these Terms of Purchase, you consent to MASQ-U’s collection, use and disclosure of personal information in regard to the ‘Privacy Policy’ as it then reads.

         8. Use of Product

MASQ-U clearly indicates the "How to Use" for each product. If the consumer wrongfully follows the indications, MASQ-U cannot be held liable for any injury or damage caused by the product. MASQ-U products contain natural ingredients. If stored wrongfully these products will perish and will no longer be effective. Please be aware that MASQ-U will not be held liable for the misuse of these products.

9. General

If any provision of these Terms of Purchase is held to be invalid or unenforceable, then the provision will be deemed to be severed from these Terms of Purchase and the remaining provisions will continue in full force and effect.

These Terms of Purchase ensure to the benefit or MASQ-U and its related persons. You may not assign any rights or obligations that you have under these Terms of Purchase. MASQ-U may assign its rights and obligations under these Terms of Purchase without your consent.

No consent or waiver by any party to or of any breach or default by any other party in its performance of its obligations under these Terms of Purchase will be: (a) deemed or construed to be a consent to or waiver off a continuing breach or default or any other breach or default of those or any other obligations of that party; or (b) effective unless in writing and signed by all parties.

These parties have expressly requested and required that these Terms of Purchase and all other related documents be drawn up in the English language. Les parties conviennent et exigent expressément que ces Conditions d’usage et tous les documents qui s’y rapportent soient rédigés en anglais.